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Why The Personal Touch Matters

A personalised message shows that you know someone extremely well, or that you want to know a person more, and for them to know you better. A personal note also shows that you appreciate a person for who they are, or the work that they have done. 

Thats why each framed message is a perfect way to show that you’ve gone out your way to make sure the gift is something extra special, that your gift is one they will treasure for a very long time.

How To Personalise Your Gift

To personalise your gift with a framed message, on the ‘Checkout Page’ write a 40 word note, in the ‘Additional Information’ box, located on the top right of your screen, on the ‘Checkout’ page. Then, we will select the corresponding sports card for the gift that you have purchased, and add your unique message.

*To ensure your message fits, please limit your message to 40 words.







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