The Directors Range Of Sports Gifts

Each gift contains:

  • Fishing lures
  • Bobbers
  • Fishing hat
  • Hooks
  • Line reel
  • Energy Food
  • Liquor flask
  • Jack Daniels
  • Socks
  • Kit bag
  • Shower gel
  • Body lotion
  • Sports towel

We Are Passionate About

What We Do

Each fisherman’s gift is tailored to the individual sport, designed for fishermen of all abilities, suitable for club level athletes, and for world stage sportsmen

Each gift is packaged to create a ‘wow’ factor as the gift is opened. Sealed with a crisp white crepe tissue, and wrapped in luxurious black wrapping paper.

We also also offer a smaller fisherman’s gift box, from our Club House Range. This is a unique gift box that is perfect for the smaller celebration.

Show Them You Care

Designing Gifts With Them In Mind

We Are

A Dedicated Team

We Make

Unique Gifts

We Enjoy

Being Passionate

We Want

Satisfied Customers

Why You’ll Love Us

There are many gifts brought for men for many different reasons, here at eklektós, we have the sportsman in mind, designing gifts that we know they will enjoy, use and show just how much ‘you’ have thought about them.

Each gift shows that you:

  • Know their passion for sport
  • You understand them
  • You want to be part of their enjoyment
  • You want to celebrate with them
  • You care about them

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Directors Fishing Gift Set

Each gift is tailored to individual sports, from rugby, fishing, golf and water sports, perfect for all sessional celebrations, and global sporting events.


Club House Choice: Angler’s Gift Set

Each Club House gift set is tailored to an individual sport, Perfect for all seasonal and global sporting events.


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