Think Outside The Box

And we will deliver whats inside

There are many gifts brought for men for many different reasons, here at eklektós, we have the sportsman in mind, designing gifts we know they will enjoy and use. Your eklektós gift will reveal the care and time you took, to match your gift to their sporting passion.

£95.98 – Directors Choice: Cycling

£82.50 – Directors Choice: Gym

£98.98 – Directors Choice: Football


Make this Christmas special, buy them a gift that you know they will use time & time again,

A gift that shows just how much you know and understand them and the enjoyment sport brings.

Step into their sporting world with an eklektós gift box.

The perfect gift for the angler, full of home comforts and fishing apparatus.

This gift is designed for the fishing community, for the active fisherman who enjoys memorable fishing adventures.

£95.98 – Directors Choice: Cyclist

£107.56 – Directors Choice: Rugby

£71.32 – Directors Choice: Golf

£98.50 – Directors Choice: Angler

A Wow Factor Inside Every Gift Box

To help you decide which gift box to purchase watch our short film which reveals what to expect when our gift boxes are opened.

Take the opportunity to ‘see and feel’ the excitement that will be experienced by all who receives an eklektós gift box.

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The golfers gift box is the gift that keeps on giving. Each gift has two layers.

The top layer can be seen, but as the items are removed, the lower layer reveals even more surprises.

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£61.32 – Directors Choice: Table Tennis

£70.34 – Club House: Football

£62.28 – Club House: Golf

Are You An Artist?

We are launching a Sport Illustration Page, which is a platform for sport artist, photographers, painters sculptures etc, to demonstrate the many diverse and creative ways to depict sports. If your an artist wishing to motivate and inspires others with your work, more details will be released in January 2021.

Fitness is a great way to unwind after work, or to energise the body before the morning commute.

The eklektós gym gift box contains the perfect mix of strength supports, toiletries, and energy refreshments.

£70.09 – Club House: Angler

£68.40 – Club House: Gym

£59.34 – Club House: Table Tennis

Free Postage

Free postage anywhere in the Uk. To ensure your gift arrives safely, each box is wrapped in bubble wrap and starts its journey warm, protected and ready to deliver a wow factor when it arrives.

The Directors Choice, is a great gift for any footballer, perfect for training and match days.

With a size 5 match ball, toiletries and essential items suitable for all football enthusiast.

Test Your Knowledge, Take The Poll… Answer revealed: December 20th

£73.59 – Club House: Rugby

All Gifts Are Delivered Gift Wrapped

£78.83 – Club House: Cycle

The Personal Touch

Each gift arrives in a luxury reusable gift box with a magnetic closure, and is wrapped in luxurious black paper with an emerald sash. To personalise your gift purchase a note, then, as you check out, write a unique message and we’ll do the rest.

Gift Box Dimensions

Depending on which gift you choose, your gift will arrive with one of these dimensions, in our luxury reusable gift boxes with magnetic closures.

Your Views Matter

We’re always creating new gift boxes designed for the sportsmen, and we’re always listening to see which sports our customers enjoy.

Please take 2 minute to state which sports you or those you purchase gifts for play, so that we can design gifts that we know you will all use and enjoy.

Please be aware that despite our best endeavours, some parts of the UK may experience delivery disruption, due to Coronavirus related occurrences. We're sorry for any inconvenience, and we're working hard to keep any delays to a minimum. . . Thank you. . . Dismiss